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Balsamic Vinegar

Also known as “glykadi” our famous balsamic vinegar line has been created with love and passion, based on our traditional balsamic recipe. Choose between Classic aged balsamic, White balsamic vinegar and Balsamic vinegar with Greek honey.

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Balsamic Cream

The ideal condiment for every recipe. An aromatic cream produced by our Balsamic Vinegar, with no added sugars, particularly dense and with a distinct sweet and sour taste. Choose your favorite between 12 different flavors.

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Messino pearls, inspired by molecular gastronomy, are small jelly balls with thin outer layer and juicy core. Garnish your dishes with the flavor of your choice and experience a tasteful outburst in your mouth.

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Our classic line is made with love and is exclusively produced by Greek white, red and biological wine varieties. Pour just a few drops to highlight every dish. Choose between red, white, organic or Special vinegar.

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Cold Pasta Salad with Twisted Pasta & Baked Vegetables


4 portions


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Papadeas Vinegars

Our company, Papadeas PC, is a family owned business, with long-term experience and expertise in vinegar production.

Strict guidelines on selecting raw materials, respect for tradition, but also the use of modern technology, constant research and meticulous observance of the rules, are the principles that govern us, from the first to the last stage of production.

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