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Papadeas Vinegar

Our company, Papadeas PC, is a family owned business, with long-term experience and expertise in vinegar production.

Papadeas PC was established in 1975 by Panagiotis Papadeas, who was a traditional vinegar brewer, one of the first in Peloponnese. He started by producing his own type of vinegar in wooden barrels by using as raw material multiple types of wine by local vineyards in Kalamata, Greece.

In 1984, Dionisios Papadeas takes over the company, as a successor, and his main concern is the modernization of company’s facilities.

In 1994, our facilities were transferred in a new large area in the Industrial area of Kalamata. A brand new, fully-equipped vinegar plant was built and dramatically increased production capacity. The old wooden barrels were replaced by new inox containers and acidifiers of cutting-edge technology.  Finally, the pursuit of international markets began and Messino products travelled across Europe.

Basic Values

of our company, from the established day till today



faith in tradition

We follow the same recipe for over 40 years and work with love, passion and absolute devotion. Staying loyal to our founder’s vision, we always respect our family’s tradition while at the same time we constantly invest in innovation and research. Messino is a brand of original wine vinegar products of the highest quality.

Our eternal goal is to offer consistently high-quality products and to satisfy our customer’s whishes and needs.  Our ongoing effort to develop and improve is a promise to our customers to never fail their trust, now or in the future.

Papadeas PC launches today a wide variety of vinegar and lemon products, with strong taste and aroma, such as balsamic creams and herbal vinegar, the innovative pearls’ line and classic wine vinegar that will undeniably upgrade the way you think of vinegar. Messino products can be found today all over the world in more than 25 countries, such as USA, Australia and South Africa.

Our production lines are certified by quality systems and ruled by strict guidelines with a continuous quality assurance system. In order to protect our consumers and our high quality and taste, every production process is certified by ISO: 22000:2018.


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